Saturday, October 20, 2007

How Do I Do It?

As a mother of seven, this is probably one of the most frequently asked questions I hear from everyone- icluding family members, fellow PTA members, and people in line at the grocery store. So this blog is my attempt to document a little of exactly what it is that I am doing, and how I am doing it.

A little background information on me: I was born in Rhode Island, the oldest of 5 siblings. I attended BYU where I met my husband Michael. We have been married for 16years. Our children are Autumn, 14; Sean,12; Kyle 10; Emily, 8; Rebekah 6; Hunter, 3 and Julia, 9 months. Our goal as a family is to have a positive influence on the world around us and bring honor to our Heavenly Father who created us. We are active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, more commonly known as the Mormon church.

Well I am going to try to simply post our daily events, and then whatever commentary I think up.

Today was a little busy. We slept in a little since we were all up a little late for the Marcus High School/Lewisville High School rivalry football game at Texas Stadium. (Yeah Marauders!) So I was up at 7:30, getting prepped for the day. I woke up the kids at 8 am, and got them moving in the direction of getting out the door in about 30 minutes. We let Autumn sleep in since she didn't get home on the band bus until after midnight. We piled out of the house at about 8:45, dropping Sean off for practice for his 9:30 FC Dynamo game. We brought the pack and play and let Julia play in it and the kids run around during his game. My sister Jamie is here visiting from Rhode Island, and she is playing the role of my personal photographer. She has an amazing camera and I feel like she is doing a mini documentary of my life while she is here for the weekend. She took great pictures of Sean's game, which ended in a tie 3-3. I left Jamie with the all of the kids except Julia about 10 minutes before the game ended to pick up Autumn, who wanted to come watch Emily's 10:30 game. I picked Autumn up at home, drove back to the field, dropped her off with Jamie and the kids, picked up Kyle and delivered him to his 11:30 birthday party at Main Event. Went back to the field to pick up Jamie, Autumn, Sean, Emily, Rebekah, and Hunter. Emily had won her game 3-1. I'm glad Jamie was here to see it, since I would missed it while driving around. We went home for lunch and then I was back in the car to pick up Kyle at Main Event at 1:30, and drop Rebekah off at her 2 pm birthday party. Now we are home and relaxing until I drop Autumn off at her band competition at 3:30 and pick up Rebekah at 4:00. Then we are going to Kids Kastle, a local park to let the kids play and have a picnic dinner since the weather is beautiful today! Sean has a band event at 6 and then we will relax for movie night at home with the kids, and get prepared for our morning at church tomorrow. (baths, getting clothes ready, packing diaper bags, packing lunches for Monday morning etc) The more I do Saturday, the more "day of rest" I get on Sunday!

My posts will not normally be this long and boring, but I want to journal a little bit while I am getting up and running. And if any of you might be wondering where Mike is during all this....he is at Woodbadge this weekend which is a great leadership conference for Scouters. He will be at home tonight at midnight and on hand to help me corral all the kiddos at church tomorrow. Thank goodness! :)