Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Okay, I'm blogging. It will not be fancy. It will not be pretty. But it will be a written record of the activities that are so much a part of who we are today, but that will be forgotten tomorrow if not recorded. I've been waiting until I have all the right equipment, the amount of time and the creative juices flowing to make my blog eye catching and amusing. But I'm pushing those dreams aside for now with the hopes that once I start blogging regularly, that will all fall into place!

So, here we are, two weeks into summer break. The kids had a marvelous adventure with their Dad last week in Colorado. They camped, hiked, got lost and scared their mother to death, and had a terrific time with their cousins. On the way home they stopped at Royal Gorge and Mike, Sean and Kyle rode the World's Largest SkyCoaster. We got a kick out of the fact that Rebekah had to sign a waiver to go on a burro ride, but they didn't have a waiver for the SkyCoaster!

This week we have Sean and Kyle at Scout camp, although we got a call last night that Kyle is running a fever so he might be home today. Autumn is in Portland, OR for EFY (Especially for Youth, a church program for youth ages 14-18) We have my brother in law Brad, his wife Shanna and Adam, Andrew and Sam, the three youngest of their nine kids here for the next few weeks while Brad does some remodeling work on the house. He is putting in a second bathroom upstairs, between the girls bedrooms. We took out Autumn's closet and a linen closet to make space for it. We are hoping to have time to get new countertops in the kitchen as well, but we'll see how that goes.

Today we are heading to storytime at Barnes and Noble, then to a dollar movie and then to Kids Kastle park to let the kids play. It has been great having the kids play with their cousins all day. Having seven kids under 10 isn't all that hard- they really do keep each other entertained!

Now see, that wasn't that hard. I can do this more often. I think I can.....I think I can......I think I can.....